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    A little more than eight months after their grand debut, the « Humans of Senlis » now amount to thirty-seven published portraits, a dozen more in preparation, three writers, three photographers and a translator working week after week to keep up production, nearly 19.000 pages viewed on our website and a lot of encouragement from all around, for which we are very thankful.

    For those portraits not to stay confined within the boundaries of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we have decided to venture out of the web and present them in real life. The exhibition will take place on the 16th and 17th of September, on the occasion of the « Journées du Patrimoine », at the Prieuré Saint-Maurice in Senlis.

    Prieuré Saint-Maurice - Actu 002     Prieuré Saint-Maurice - Actu 003     Prieuré Saint-Maurice - Actu 001

    There will be around fifty portraits on display. We are also preparing a map of the various locations where the interviews took us – which now covers almost all of Senlis’ neighbourhoods (Bonsecours, Villevert, Val d’Aunette, Brichebay, Fours à Chaux and the city center) as well as several of the surrounding villages (Avilly-Saint-Léonard, Saint-Nicolas d’Acy, Montagny Sainte-Félicité, Trumilly, Raray). In addition, we will try to bring out in a graphic representation the themes most present throughout the stories we have assembled. And of course this will be the opportunity for visitors to meet some of the Humans, have a chat and a drink.

    In preparation to the event, we have visited, measured and modeled the Prieuré Saint-Maurice from all angles. We are currently testing out all sorts of hypotheses to come up with the best possible layout.

    Save the date and join us in September to discover the outcome of all that brainstorming.

    In order to represent the identity of our project « Humans Of Senlis » we thought it would be great to have a logo. But how to proceed ? And what message was the logo supposed to convey anyway ? We explored three main directions illustrating as many aspects of what the project means to us before settling for one of them.